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Drawing of the Parthenon horse

Sketch of the Parthenon horse

Drawing of the horse from the Parthenon pediment 

Drawing of Diadoumenos

Drawing of Houdon’s bust of Voltaire

Ink drawing of the leg of Michelangelo’s David

Drawing of Baron Bentinck

Drawing of Meleager

Drawing of a bronze bust of Venus

Drawing of a bust

Drawing of an Etruscan votive head

Drawing of Antisthenes

Drawing of four Roman heads from the Ny Carlsberg Glytotek Collection

Drawing of the head of Demeter of Knidos

Pen and ink drawing of Michelangelo’s David

Pencil drawing of a torso

Drawing of a sclupture

Drawing of Donatello’s David

Charcoal drawing of Donatello’s David

Charcoal drawing of Donatello’s David

Drawing of Donatello’s John the Baptist

Red chalk drawing of Moses by Michelangelo

Red chalk drawing of a Triton by Bernini

Red chalk drawing of a scultpure from the V&A

Drawing of Michelangelo’s Medici Tomb

Drawing of a sculpture by Donatello

Drawings of dogs

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