Transcription of George Stubbs’ Eclipse

Transcription with added elements of George Stubbs’ A Dapple Grey Hunter with Two Foxhounds Beside a Lake

Oil painting of a dog from Velazquez’s Cardinal Infante don Fernando as a Hunter

Transcription in oil Eos by Edward Landseer

Oil on canvas copy of James Ward’s Ralph John Lambton on his Hunter, Undertaker

Portrait in oil of Poppy

Transcription of a detail of George Stubbs’ Henry Fox at Goodwood

Transcription of George Stubbs’ painting of A Bay Horse with a Groom

Copy in oil of George Stubbs' John and Sophia Musters

Copy in oil of George Stubbs' Mr William Anderson and Two Saddle-Horses 

Oil copy of George Stubbs' A Horse Frightened by a Lion

Oil transcription of Hollyhock by George Stubbs

Oil copy of George Stubbs' A Grey Hunter with a Groom and a Greyhound at Creswell Crags

Oil copy of George Stubbs' Lord Grosvenor's Arabian Stallion with a Groom

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