Portrait Commissions


Desmond employs traditional techniques and his paintings are made using oil on canvas.

The figure is set in an imaginative context which is often formed with quotations from historical paintings. Ideally, the sitter would choose their favourite images from art history to provide the landscape within which they are represented. 

However, if the sitter prefers a more classic style of portraiture, this can certainly be accommodated. As well as painting in oils, Desmond is an accomplished draughtsman and watercolorist.

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Portrait in oil of Iris amongst the background of a Fragonard landscape

Portrait in oil of John with a background by Fragonard

Portrait in oil of Emma between quotations from Waterhouse’s St Cecilia and A Tale from the Decameron

Portrait in oil of Guido amongst three of his favourite paintings: Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs, Titian’s Venus and Adonisand Ucello’s Battle of San Romano

Charcoal drawing of Arif

Charcoal drawing of Victoria

Film & TV PortraitsCopies 

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